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Palms in Bermuda


Bermuda, again


Winter Wonderland

Well, it finally snowed at Elon after weeks of predictions and absolutely no snow! Now, it’s a pretty pathetic glimpse at Snowmageddon 2010, but I still thought I’d share some pictures taken from the warmth of my living room.

My car "covered" in snow

View from my living room window

I’m guessing we only got about 2 inches, and clearly none of it stuck in the parking lot, but it’s still fun to finally get some snow! (Although we were hoping it would come on Monday and maybe delay classes). Besides the excitement of snow, last night was the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver! I thought the show was pretty impressive and I learned a lot about Canada and other countries — in particular, Finland’s annual Sauna Competition…weird!

I read an article this morning claiming the Vancouver games are already a failure because of the death of the Georgian luger and Canada’s apparent lack of sportsmanship for not postponing the opening ceremonies. I was outraged when I read that, because the point of the Olympics is for athletes and people of all backgrounds and beliefs to come together and celebrate the spirit of competition in a sportsmanlike way. I thought the IOC handled the tragedy very well, dedicating the opening ceremonies to the fallen athlete, flying the flags at half-mast and holding a moment of silence in his honor. In addition, the majority of the athletes wore black armbands to honor their fellow athlete and the chairman urged all athletes to compete in his honor and carry his spirit in their hearts. While it was indeed a tragedy, I don’t think it could have been handled any better and I’m sure the games will be played with his spirit in mind. I can’t wait to watch nothing by the Olympics for the next two weeks!

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Last First Day

I know this is nothing Earth-shattering or terribly interesting, but yesterday was my last EVER first day of class! Although this is my last semester and I’m supposed to¬†enjoy the end of my senior year, I’m completely crazy and have decided to take 18 credits — well, out of necessity, not by choice — and can already tell it’s going to be an intense semester!

I honestly can’t believe I’ve been at Elon for almost four whole years now, but I still love it just as much as I did freshman year. Things are different, friends have come and gone, some of my favorite people have graduated and left me and now I’m looking for jobs in my spare time instead of napping or watching TV (although I still do those things, too). It’s been an amazing four years and I can’t believe it’s coming to a close so quickly, but I’m definitely ready for something new and am already suffering from senioritis — perfect example, writing this blog instead of reading for class!

If this semester doesn’t kill me first, I’ll be graduating on May 22! I can’t believe I won’t be in school anymore … where does the time go?