Spring Fever

Call it what you will: spring fever, senioritis, I don’t care just give me the beach! I returned to Elon amid pouring rain and tornado warnings after a GLORIOUS 10 days in the sunshine state. Not exactly the warm welcome I was hoping for, but luckily I only have about three days until I return to Florida for a 4 and 1/2-day Easter weekend! Though there were a few cloudy days last week, I spent the majority of my time being lazy and laying out in the sunshine. Here are a few pictures from home sweet home (aka the beach)

A beautiful day at the beach

Favorite place, ever.

I also got a little artsy one afternoon with my lovely sister and we played around with some “photography” in the back yard.

Baby sister


Favorite chair


Two words: Future Husband

Last night, my roommate, Camille, and I had the most amazing concert-going experience — John Mayer (aka my future husband)! I’ve always loved his music (and let’s be honest, he is gorgeous!) so I was beyond excited to get there after three months of waiting! Although we missed the opening act, we got there just in time to see John Mayer play for more than two hours…electric, acoustic, old songs, new stuff, covers, not to mention his amazing band (the drummer was unbelievable)! So since I couldn’t share the experience with everyone, I thought I’d share a few a pictures…

John in all his gorgeous glory

And my personal favorite...the guitar!

fish, graduation, pet

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

I never thought a Dr. Seuss rhyme would actually relate to my life, until now.

Last week, my roommate, Anne, and I decided to buy a fish! We’ve had an empty fish bowl (complete with gravel and plastic plants) sitting in our apartment for months and figured it was time to put it to good use. We headed to Petsmart and picked out a red betta and were so excited to bring him home … only to have him die exactly a week later 😦 We never even decided on a name!

But lucky for us, Petsmart gives you a 2-week “warranty” on your fish — if it dies within 14 days you can bring it back with the receipt and get a free replacement. Needless to say, we headed back, dead fish in hand (well, in plastic jar) and picked a much more lively blue betta! We’ve already named him Ziggy and he seems to be doing much better in his new home.

Two fish, blue fish

In other news, I picked up my cap and gown this week … AHH!! I can’t believe it’s getting that close, it seems like I just started senior year yesterday! In 76 days, I will officially graduate from Elon University. I still have NO idea what I’ll be doing as far as jobs are concerned, but I’m looking forward to the adventure!