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The River City

I love Jacksonville. It’s a huge, beautiful city, with countless things to do. One of my favorites is the Riverside Arts Market. It’s right on the river, and it’s a total celebration of all things local — artists, musicians, produce, etc. And did I mention it’s right on the river? That’s another one of my favorite things about Jacksonville — no matter where you go, you’re never very far from the water.

Under the bridge

Large dog with tiny boy...precious


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An afternoon at the Cummer

Jacksonville is a great city. I often forget that or take it for granted, but there are seriously a ton of things to do! The river is gorgeous, there are plenty of museums and different events happen almost every weekend.

This weekend, I spent the afternoon on the Riverwalk and at The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. It was pretty chilly, but amazingly sunny and gorgeous. And even though a few of the exhibits at the museum were closed, the gardens were stunning and the view of downtown Jacksonville never ceases to amaze.

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Photo Adventure!

Last week, my sister and I went on a photo adventure in Jacksonville. It was a gorgeous day and we had fun walking around downtown, Riverside and Five Points!





Haskell building fountain









Five Points



Matthews Bridge


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Via Colori

This weekend was spent wandering the sunny (and scorching hot) grounds of the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Va. It was Family Weekend at UMW, which meant a chance to see my sister, who is a freshman there, for the first time since she left for school in August.

It also meant a chance to visit downtown Fredericksburg, which is one of the cutest little cities I’ve ever seen. There are tons of great restaurants and shops, but we were also lucky enough to be there on the weekend of Via Colori, a street painting festival that raises money for non-profits around the United States. The festival originated in Naples, Fl., in 1994, and now cities all over the country participate in the festival!

Obviously, I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the amazing — and I do mean amazing — works of art being created. I was literally in awe of the detail and artistry these people achieved with just chalk on asphalt!

Tools of the trade.

Girl With A Pearl Earring.

Hard to believe this is just chalk.

Awesome colors.


Purple flowers.