Big Talbot Island

Last weekend, Boyfriend and I were invited to a party on Big Talbot Island. My memories of BTI are fond — my grandparents used to take me, baby sister and best friend (who may as well have been my sister) camping there every year. It’s been years since those camping days, however, so I was excited to go back to BTI and rediscover all it has to offer.


The party was hosted at a house owned by North Florida Land Trust, and boy was it a gorgeous location! The house sits on a 4-ish acre property nestled in the woods on the bank of the Mud River with the most beautiful, tranquil view from the dock. Seriously, it was amazing.


After exploring the property and helping with some party prep, we took a quick five minute drive down to the Driftwood Boneyard beach. It’s a sight to see — oak and cedar trees on the dunes fall onto the beach as the dunes erode. The trees literally cover the beach (and make for some awesome pictures).


We headed back to the house for an awesome party, where some of us had a little too much tequila (I’m not saying who!). Regardless of the hangovers, it was an awesome day, and we’ll certainly return soon for more exploring sometime. 





Here comes the sun

Sorry I’ve been MIA in the blogging world — working full-time and being a student really doesn’t leave much time for fun stuff! But, I did manage to make it out to the beach this weekend for another gorgeous sunrise…

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New Camera!

For Christmas, I got an awesome new camera.

Not only is it the coolest present ever (thank you, Santa!), but it also makes all my pictures look amazing! So of course, the first thing I did was take a million pictures of whatever I could find around the house. Mostly, that was Christmas decorations.

We also took some experimental sparkler pictures on New Year’s Eve. I say experimental not because they’re particularly “artistic,” but because we were literally experimenting with the camera settings.

Expect MANY more pictures this year…hopefully the awesome camera will produce awesome photography skills! Oh, and happy New Year!

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Photo Adventure!

Last week, my sister and I went on a photo adventure in Jacksonville. It was a gorgeous day and we had fun walking around downtown, Riverside and Five Points!





Haskell building fountain









Five Points



Matthews Bridge


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Latest project

My uncle was quite the musician in his college days. A friend of his recorded one of his performances, which my dad has now put on CD. And of course you can’t have a CD without an album cover…

Delcuze Live.

My dad asked me to take a stab at making a cover, and this is what I came up with! While I was out in the backyard I also snapped this picture in the garden

Dew drops.


I miss Belgium.

And I finally got my roll of fish-eye film developed … a whole two months after our trip! I must say, I’m pretty much obsessed with these photos. And with this country. And its food. But mostly these pictures:

View from our hotel in Brugges.

Government buildings.

Birds-eye/fish-eye view.

Pretty much the definition of Brugges.

On the canal.

LOVE. Cathedral in Brugges.

The Market Square, minus the market.


Grand Place in Brussels.