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Via Colori

This weekend was spent wandering the sunny (and scorching hot) grounds of the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Va. It was Family Weekend at UMW, which meant a chance to see my sister, who is a freshman there, for the first time since she left for school in August.

It also meant a chance to visit downtown Fredericksburg, which is one of the cutest little cities I’ve ever seen. There are tons of great restaurants and shops, but we were also lucky enough to be there on the weekend of Via Colori, a street painting festival that raises money for non-profits around the United States. The festival originated in Naples, Fl., in 1994, and now cities all over the country participate in the festival!

Obviously, I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the amazing — and I do mean amazing — works of art being created. I was literally in awe of the detail and artistry these people achieved with just chalk on asphalt!

Tools of the trade.

Girl With A Pearl Earring.

Hard to believe this is just chalk.

Awesome colors.


Purple flowers.


Picture Perfect

These pictures are perfect. Mostly because they’re of the beach. But also because they’re from my fisheye camera. I hope you like them as much as I do!

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Latest project

My uncle was quite the musician in his college days. A friend of his recorded one of his performances, which my dad has now put on CD. And of course you can’t have a CD without an album cover…

Delcuze Live.

My dad asked me to take a stab at making a cover, and this is what I came up with! While I was out in the backyard I also snapped this picture in the garden

Dew drops.


I miss Belgium.

And I finally got my roll of fish-eye film developed … a whole two months after our trip! I must say, I’m pretty much obsessed with these photos. And with this country. And its food. But mostly these pictures:

View from our hotel in Brugges.

Government buildings.

Birds-eye/fish-eye view.

Pretty much the definition of Brugges.

On the canal.

LOVE. Cathedral in Brugges.

The Market Square, minus the market.


Grand Place in Brussels.

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Food for thought…

Something I learned about myself today: I make a huge mess when I cook! But the gigantic pile of dishes was worth the end result…a delicious blueberry peach crisp! Since you can’t all enjoy it with me, I thought I’d put up some pictures I took along the way…